Your shirt and pants are unnecessary take them off

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Signs of a Great Person


1. They’re not easily offended, and don’t take things personally
2. They’re accepting, non-judgmental and always want the best for you
3. They respect others’ perspectives, needs and boundaries
4. They listen well to others, and try to see their point of view
5. They’re kind and understanding, warm, respectful and accepting
6. They’re trustworthy and loyal, and they think the best of you



hippie vibes ❁

mostly nature

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Minnehaha Falls this afternoon.

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Post workout post:
I went out walking with my mom and brother. Then my other brother caught up to us and we ran together.
I have only been doing a little but of running in PT and at home. I think my brother and I ran too far and fast. My ankle is D O N E. I took a quick shower and am now icing it.
I love running and walking on the beach; it is so beautiful. I lie seeing people waking together and with their dogs and little children. It’s so peaceful.
I forced extra out of myself and my brother by doing a sprint at the end and then my stomach was burning and hurt like crazy. (And that killed my ankle for the day)
I hope the ice is all I need because I don’t want to have to use Advil or the pain meds from my surgery.
I did a lot today. Too much for my ankle. I did more than I’ve done for ankle in a while. Hopefully everything is better from here on out.
Next is blueberry waffles.

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