Mi estómago duele.


relationship goal: a relationship

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what do you mean im still fat i did a sit up 3 years ago

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I hate how short weekends are.

I just want to lose weight and gain a boyfriend.


"you’re too cute to be single!"

then date me

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My parents playing soccer in Australia in 1992

so fricking cute

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"Don’t think about the pain
When you run for long distances it’s impossible to avoid pain — it’s for everyone. When it comes you need to think of other things — the landscape, you talk with the racers, listen to music. I think about stories, like I’m a warrior being chased by an army. To not think about pain, you need to be in another world."

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This is a man who knows.

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I love this. When I get tired in the backcountry I always make up stories, like I’m on a mission or escaping something, and it shifts my perspective every time. I love that endurance sports allow us as adults to rediscover that side of imagination and play.

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